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Group Info

#Star-Dock is a group dedicated to artwork about Sci-Fi starships. We only showcase Sci-Fi examples, NOT real life rockets or other space faring craft in the real world. This is a common interest group more focused on networking, and sharing ideas other than self promotion. We hope to inspire and help the collaborative process between members.
Founded 5 Years ago
Aug 2, 2010


Group Focus
Common Interest

444 Members
998 Watchers
68,735 Pageviews
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Membership and Submissions

To Become A Member

- You must have completed examples of Sci-Fi Starships based artwork in your gallery, and be willing to contribute them to the group. No WIPs!

Membership Rules

- Use common sense at all times.

- Be respectful of fellow members, even if disagreeing or critiquing their work.

- Never use other peoples artwork without the permission or proper citation needed.

To Submit

- Any artwork where a Sci-Fi example of a Starship is being showcased will be accepted. This can be part of a scene, or just the ship itself (or multiple ships, etc).

- The focus of this group is mostly on external shots, but some interior shots are allowed! Please don't abuse.

- No in-game screenshots of Sci-Fi games. Please submit either original work or compositions.

- Any medium is accepted, from traditional art to 3D modeling.

- If it is a 3D piece, please do not submit an excessive number of renders of the same work. Pick the best one or submit a couple of pictures form different angles otherwise the Admin staff will choose for you and deny the rest. If more than subtle modifications to a piece have been made, it is not considered a multiple of the previous work and the same rule above applies.

- Quality of work is not "graded" per say, but remember the no WIP (work in progress) rule. Submissions need to have the "look" of completed works, and not 10 minute sketches or workups. Master artists can of course submit their 10 minute sketches so we can drool over them :)

- Submissions must not contain any pornography or have the "Adult" flag in their deviation file.
Hello Everyone,

I have an interesting dilemma that I would like some feedback on.  We have a submission from an artist that uses in-game tools to create unique sci-fi spaceships.  You can see one of the examples here:…

There obviously is several components to this:  Using a in game tool to create ships...even unique ones, lets be honest, is not overly hard.  Being a game, the developers want accessibility over everything.  So it is not like learning 3DMax or a Wacom tablet.  However, I don't view this group as some sort of bastion of elitist art snobbery either.  We are all here to share our work, and be inspired by it...and who is to say someone won't get inspired by some of the art found from gaming tools?

I am part of many groups here at DA, as I am sure most of you are, and some just accept any sort of artwork...which incredibly devalues their function in my eyes.  This is one of the reasons we try to decline or limit WIP pieces here at Star-Dock (albeit some do get approved because they are so awesome).  Another concern is using ingame art assets to create ships could lead to a massive amount of does not take too long to build a fleet and take hundreds of screenshots.  This an opinion in the general sense, not directed towards spore in particular.

Seeing really cool spaceships from player generated content is pretty cool in my eyes, but does it have a place on Star-Dock?  Developer generated content is still not allowed (such as screenshots of Eve Online ships for one example).  Player generated...?  I am not so sure.

So what is everyone's take on this?  Should we allow game engine derivative pieces of artwork, or pass?  And why?
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PigFiend Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015  Professional Artist
Cool group! Thanks for adding my ship.
soil-rts Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014
Hello, I am working on a freeware space RTS game and I'm looking for artists of any type (modelers, designers, texture and background artists, etc.). No need for original content, recreating ships from your favourite anything will do!

Watch here:
visit and download here:

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!
SteveReeves Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there, I wonder if you could confirm if you have seen my submission waiting for approval? I have submitted it (twice now) but it seems that it's not being approved or declined by the group - it just expires. I suspect you have not seen the submission request? Thanks.

The actual image is: Homeward by SteveReeves
meugen06 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist
Thanks for adding me to this group.But what happened with my submissions?
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